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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 6, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> mike: mike? >> mike: an excellent point. garnett and pierce, combined, 4 for 16 from the field. the celtics beat the lakers in los angeles. we head to boston for games three, four, and five. the coverage starts at 8:30 eastern time. the same time for thursday. sunday, atele bit earlier. rondo continues his drive in the playoffs. what a special player he's become for the celtics. for all intents and purposes, their leader on the floor. a triple double. a brilliant performance for rajon rondo. allen, setting the record, a tremendous first half. he's with doris. >> doris: in game one, it looks like the lakers had every 50-50 basketball. why was the approach different tonight? >> it's interesting when you watch the tape.
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you see things you didn't do. the tape doesn't lie. we were all out of position most of the time. it gave them so many driving gaps. it took us out of our defense. tonight, we got back in that position. we made them uncomfortable. they were thinking about it. and we gt in transition more today. >> doris: you didn't get a bad assist if doc tonight? >> no doubt. everybody did their job tonight. >> mike: 11 three pointers. 1 of 10 from downtown in game one. ray allen got them going in game two. as impressive as the lakes were in game one, the celtics up to the task here in game two to tie the nba finals. final core, 103-94. for mark jackson, jeff van gundy, doris burke, this is mike breen says, don't forget, game three on tuesday night. stay tuned for the late local news. thanks for watching.
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tonight's forecast, and a deepening mess in the gulf -- why you need to see tonight's forecast. and back in the public spotlight. sandra bullock returned to the red carpet tonight. captioned by the national captioning institute a fast-moving storm, the threat of tornadoes, and now, the damage left behind. we start on stormwatch. jay korff has live team coverage in the district, where it has already been a very long night >> -- a very long night. >> they took down a very large tree that was behind me. it came down, crushing a car behind me, just an example of storm damage in the region. >> i did not know it had done
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all of this. >> power-packed storm cells sunday afternoon. high water along route 50 in bowie contributed to some collisions, but residents of eastern stafford county may have encountered the worst of it. the storm knocked down several massive trees, and in the process, it knocked out power. >> we were ouwithout power, so e got our generator on. >> luckily, it hit, and if this had been a home, god knows what we would be looking at right now. >> despite the storm damage, no reports of injuries.
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jay korff, abc7 news. >> thanks, jay. 1 homeowners shedding light on that expression about lightning never striking twice -- one homeowner shedding light. >> the whole house was in flames. >> she says her home in burtonsville was struck by lightning a few years ago. no one was hurt during today's incident, but the question now, are there more problems in store? and meteorologist steve rudin has more. >> temperature and humidity. take a look at the strong cold front that moved through at our belfort furniture weather center. high pressure is starting to build in across the region, and that means clearing skies, but look at our time-lapse.
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we put it in motion for you. you can see the clouds, the rain rolling in, the thunderstorms. we had a tornado warning earlier today, and there were the gusty winds. what can we expect tomorrow? not so bad. the noontime temperatures in the lower 70's. afternoon highs near 80 degrees. we have a look at the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, steve. parts of michigan and ohio are clearing up. there were some who died. you can get the forecast anytime by going to our website,, and clicking on the weather center. in alexandria tonight, a sinkhole opened up around 8:00 tonight in front of the huntington metro station.
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vdot says to expect delays, possibly into tomorrow morning's rush hour. a driver is fighting for his life after he was struck by a tractor-trailer, and the driver drove off. this was in prince william county. police say the driver had run out of gas and was putting gas in his truck when the tractor- trailer hit him. he was taken to inova hospital. anyone with information is asked to call police. one woman who was pregnant is lucky to be alive after she was attacked in her home. one woman, christine devaux, knew the woman and broke into her home on friday afternoon. when the victim got home, police say she was assaulted.
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she managed to escape, and she and her unborn child are doing ok. tough talk from one of the man overseeing the gulfcoast situation. the cleanup efforts are going to last a long time. the b.p. device is containing some of the oil. kris van cleave is live in the newsroom, monitoring the very latest developments. >> the man leading the governmental response, admiral thad allen, says the oil will be in the gulf for months to come, well into the fall, he says. watching this oil-soaked pelican try to fly give some perspective on this spill at the facts and figures simply cannot. as they try to stop the oil from gushing into the gulf of mexico, his flight is no longer
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possible. if a pelican cannot fly, it cannot hunt, and thus, cannot eat. >> they can hardly move because they are kind of stuck with oil. >> in the distance, dolphins swim right through it. in pensacola, anger as tar is showing up on their beaches. >> that is disgusting, b.p. do you want that showing up in your backyard? >> 441,000 gallons of oil. >> this is a worthy it is an insidious war. >> the next step will come under water -- this is a war. it is an incestuous war. >> the next up will come
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underwater. -- it is an insidious war. >> containing the vast majority of the oil. >> the birds that are rescued are cleaned up and spend about one week recovering before they are released again into the wild, but they say for every one bird that they say, there are likely 10 or more that they will not get to in time. kris van cleave, abc7 news. tonight marks the anniversary of d-day. ceremonies were held today on both sides of the atlantic. the operation was the largest of all time with more than 160,000 troops landing along the coast of normandy. more than 9000 allied troops were killed. and president barack obama conor and michelob honor recipient at a reception. >> president barack obama honored a medal of honor
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recipient -- president obama honored a medal of honor recipient at a reception. the president also think ford's theatre for its work in preserving the legacy of president abraham lincoln. and coming up next on abc7 news at 11, another crackdown is coming to one town. we will tell you where the speed cameras are going up. an arlington native sandra bullock steps back into the spotlight tonight -- and arlington native sandra bullock.
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arrested last night at jfk. more speed cameras will soon be installed in bowie, md., and they will be the second set of speed cameras in the area. 40-dollar tickets will be issued for drivers going 12 miles over the speed limits. according to published reports, there will be no grace period. tickets will be issued immediately. one person is on disciplinary leave tonight. the 32-year-old was shot at least six times behind a nightclub or early saturday morning, and detectives are looking into a confrontation that happened just before the shooting. and tonight, "the baltimore sun" is reporting that officer on leave was disciplined several years ago for shooting a man while intoxicated. sandra bullock made her first televised appearance since she split with her husband.
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the arlington native was honored as the first woman to receive the mtv generation award. she also made a surprise appearance on another show. she joked about being awarded the award by comparing her personal life to an ied explosion. and the situation is far worse near the great lakes states, particularly michigan and ohio. that is where a twister touched down. several homes were damaged and destroyed, and at least seven people were killed. >> tornadoes and funnel cloud like this one went through the midwest, ripping through buildings. >> the door was actually pulling. it went so fast.
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>> one of the hardest hit areas was pitahaya. .com -- was in ohio. >> you did not feel safe. >> emergency services building was damaged. by morning, a clear look at what they had to deal with. a seven-mile swath of homes damaged. another tornado in michigan tore some of the roofing of of a nuclear plant. -- off of a nuclear plant. and also, the storms also hit new york, but they were not nearly as powerful. it was an adventure just for people walking down the street. the conditions have since calmed
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down, as they have here. the wind and rain have caused a lot of problems, but this guy was very impressive. taking a look at the time-lapse -- the sky was very impressive. even though we did not seal whole lot of rain in downtown d.c., we did have some gusty winds -- even though we did not see a whole lot of rain in downtown d.c. 67 degrees in rockville. that is after a high of 86 degrees. six tenths of an inch of rainfall. gwu university, a current reading of 72 degrees. -- gw university, a current reading of 72 degrees. we are looking for our skies to
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continue to clear out for the early-morning hours, and when you wake up, it is going to be cool with a low humidity levels. 91 degrees at reagan national -- with low humidity levels. this is the 10th day in a row that we have had temperatures above average for this time of year. leesburg, 72. plenty of heat and activity in the south. temperatures actually slightly below average for this time of year. only in the middle bam opera 70's -- only in the middle to copper 70's to near 80 degrees -- middle to upper 70's. lots of sunshine to enjoy for tuesday and even the first half of wednesday. here is the forecast for
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tonight. clear and comfortable. temperatures 60 to 65 degrees. cooler to the west. tomorrow morning, less humid. by afternoon, we are talking about highs around 76 to near 80 degrees. here is the extended outlook. it looks absolutely wonderful. a chance for a shower late in the day on wednesday, middle to upper 70's. we have temperatures that will warm to the mid to upper 80's after that. 10 days of above-average temperatures. >> humidity. >> yes. all right, a great day to watch a movie. a romance, a comedy, and we will tell you
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box office, bringing its eternal -- its total earnings to over $80 million. the romantic action comedy "killers" was in third place. >> "shrek" still has legs. >> yes, it does. speaking of winning, let's talk about the nba. the nationals in a tough final weekend game with iran's
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a game just completed in l.a. with the celtics, gained two -- game two. it was blocked by paul edsall -- pau gasol. and over the timeline, the ball goes into kevin garnett, and perkins scores.
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the celtics steal one in los angeles to beat the lakers. in the stanley cup finals, a power play. into the goal, 1-0, chicago. in the second period, the black hawks in control. -- blackhawks in control. 4-1, chicago, and they take a lead in that series. going over time with the cincinnati reds today. in the top of the ninth, the game at 2-2, the game is tied. that ball is gone. a two-run home run for the reds. at the plate, he swings and smacks that one for a double. they score, and guess what proved they are tied again, but
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it does not last long -- and guess what? they are tied it again. bruce comes around and scores. and with the red sox, this one would go to 11. nick markakis ends it. the birds win, 4-3, ending their 10-game losing streak. and in college park today, a man capturing his first nationwide title for a victory. he lined up this birdie putt on 11. that gives him the outright lead. he was tied for the lead on 18, but this is the putt to win it for him.
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>> i am happy to finally get the monkey off of my back and score a winner. >> and to the pga tour, rose rallied from four shots back to win his first-ever pga title. defending champion tiger woods finished way back. and the tennis championship, rolf i.t.l. -- rafael nadal taking on soderling, and he wins the championship. 6-4, 6-2, 6-4. and is the fourth career victory for the winner on the track -- and it is the fourth career victory.
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he says he wants to keep the car be and he will probably get it.
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